Please stand by.

I’ve been writing off and on about television for years, usually under the title Idiot Boxing, but it’s been a while now. Part of that while: being a parent. Another part: starting and maintaining the 2amt theatre community and website. Yet another part: working over at the Incomparable Radio Network on various shows as a panelist, a writer, a contestant, even a host.

So I’m not going to promise a post a day over here. But when I want to write about television, now I have a place to put it…

Who am I? David J. Loehr, writer & podcaster. I’m the co-founder and an artist-in-residence with the Riverrun Theatre in southern Indiana as well as the editor of the 2amt website. I’m also the writer behind the Incomparable Radio Theater series. Soon, I’ll also be pulling double duty as writer and host of the Red Bike Revue, a live radio show featuring music and comedy from the Red Bicycle Hall in Madison, Indiana.